Nature always answers

Discovering the gifts of nature takes time. Even when it seems that nature is a touch away, the beauty and greatness of it becomes visible only when we take time to observe it. Observing the slow growth that is not depended on time and enjoying the process without expectations… The organic bond with nature that was so common to our ancestors slowly disappears these days with the growing walls around the houses and asphalted streets. The world quickly develops next to the perennial forests but only the small part of nature is selectively welcomed in our yards. If we slow down and open our eyes, the nature will surprise us with the healing gifts that are available only to those, who are ready to listen.

While I was juggling work and duties a few years ago, the nature behind me was left unattended. All the solutions for my deteriorating health and constant stress demanded both money and time. Hair shampoos, eye-creams, creams for dry skin, face masks, serums and other advertised ‘magical’ health products seemed as accessible options only until I realized them being another marketing trick with no proved effect. Blind trust in quick results did not lead to a miracle. So an unexpected opportunity to visit Africa was just a spontaneous adventure which I took with no hope for easy solutions or answers. But the gifts that I found in the forgotten land were something I would have normally missed out in my usual abundance of work.

That time, while I was standing on the soil that absorbed enormous sun energy and was watching the natural and non-obligatory bond between human and nature, I realized that the answers I was looking for were not to be found on the shop shelves, but rather right under my bare feet. The life of local people was flowing together with the natural cycle of nature; there was no rush or duty – only mutual respect and unity. The Argan oil hand-pressed by Berber women seemed like a symbol of devotion, hard work and trust in nature. After physically tiring hand work of cracking, peeling and pressing the Argan fruit kernels they would turn out to pure and authentic Argan oil. Using the oil on my own skin and hair helped me to realize what a multipurpose product for both beauty and health I have found. The authentic and traditional production process of the oil has enriched its value with life and story.

Although the cosmetic Argan oil is a well-known product in the whole world, the culinary Argan oil, which‘s rich composition surpass even the olive oil, is still finding its way to gourmet kitchens. After I gained more knowledge about the benefits of the oil myself, I started experimentations with an exceptional nutty taste in vegetable stews, soups, sauces, fish, rice and pasta dishes. The Argan oil brings out rich flavours even in sweet dishes and a great example of it is the traditional Moroccan desert called ‘Amlou‘ which the local people cooked for us on our visit. This three ingredient recipe is sweet, healthy and easy to make ( Because of its delicious taste, the oil is enjoyable just on its own. One teaspoon of Argan oil contains a good dose of healthy unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and other beneficial nutrients. Yet, it is worth to remember that the culinary Argan oil should never be heated, but rather poured over the finished dish – this way it will preserve all nutritious properties. The pure Moroccan Argan oil is truly a valuable product that speaks for itself.

My journey to a far land was also a journey towards myself. Only after finding a foreign land I found the earth under my feet – strangely, it was always right there. I have learnt that the uplifting strength and peace of amazing Berber women was not based on magic, but simply on a deep trust in the gifts of nature and a sun dictated pace. Today I genuinely believe that everything we search for is already there in front of us. When we ask, nature always answers.

I truly hope that you will try yourself the multipurpose benefits of this oil that were serving people for over millennium years. Due to its unique composition, the Argan oil has been recognized as the best oil amongst all the oils present. Only authentic Argan oil can provide all the benefits for your beauty and health. Try it yourself here.