Do you know how to recognize authentic Argan oil?

Because of unique composition, Argan oil is considered to be the best oil worldwide. Only the highest quality Argan oil should be used for the skin care and health purposes. In this article, I will share a few tips how to find authentic and top quality cosmetic oil ina the broad web of marketing tricks

Pay attention to color

The high quality Argan oil has a rich yellow/golden color. If the oil is rather light or pale and crystal clear it is likely to be industrially processed or diluted with cheaper oils to reduce its prime cost.

Smell the oil

 A good quality and cold-pressed cosmetic oil has a natural smell, since it is extracted from the kernels of Argan fruit. Most of the people tolerate or even enjoy the light nutty scent of Argan oil, but some can find it too intense. Nonetheless, if the smell appears too strong and unpleasant, it may suggest a trace of mold. Before the oil is extracted, the nuts of Argan fruits are dried in the storehouse, which, if not ventilated properly, can cause a mold in the product.

 On the other hand, overly fragrant oil is most likely culinary oil. During the production process of this oil, the fruit kernels are being toasted before the press to get light nutty flavor. However, in this way the product loses most of the valuable properties for skin and healthcare that can be found in the cosmetic Argan oil.

Lastly, the odorless Argan oil is another doubtful choice, as it most likely means that the oil was cleaned and refined. The odor of natural and pure Argan oil will dissipate in 5-10 minutes after applied to skin and easily soak in, leaving a pleasant scent. Controversially, long lasting smell indicates that the product was put through deodorization process.

Worth to know… The majority of cosmetic Argan oil products (such as shampoos, lotions, etc.) are refined and deodorized for more tolerable scent.

Deodorization process sacrifices the smell and quality of oil for a prolonged expiration date. For this reason, most of the commercial products contain industrial Argan oil, which is obtained by using chemical solvents.

Oil texture on skin

The texture of good quality Argan oil is rich and silky. The oil applies well on the skin and absorbs in a few minutes, leaving a soothing effect even on the damaged body areas. The slimy, watery or fatty texture can be taken as a sign of diluted oil. 

The sediment

 Unrefined and pure Argan oil naturally contains some sediment at the bottom, which may give an impression of unclear or ‘cloudy’ texture. While this is a factor of naturally processed oil, the clean and transparent texture suggests that the product was filtered. It is worth to remember that the less product was processed, the more natural and valuable qualities it maintains.

 If the culinary or cosmetic Argan oil is sold in a clear bottle, the seller is most definitely not well educated about his product. The high quality oils must be kept in dark colored bottles (for example, brown, green or blue) to avoid the effects of light. Aluminum or other unclear bottles are another good option but may cause difficulties to clean and recycle. Moreover, keeping the oil in warm temperature will affect the value of product properties. 

 If you ever get a chance to visit Marrakesh market in Morocco, you will be surprised by tons of Argan oil bottles sold in a plastic tare, marked with uninformative labels which do not include the actual origin of oil. Do not get fooled as you will probably not find many options of authentic and pure Argan oil in this market. The reason for this is simple – local traders are more focused on gaining money than pleasing tourists. 


The one and only ingredient that you should look for on the label of Argan oil is either 100% Argan oil or 100% Argania Spinosa.


Certificate document is official evidence declaring that the product was checked and approved by appropriate organization. Organic certification organization ‘ECOCERT’, founded in France in 1991, checks the quality of Argan oil in over 80 countries, including the ones of Third World.  In order to export the products to Europe, the farmers need to follow strict requirements of ‘ECOCERT’ organization. 

 Dear Reader, 

 I genuinely hope that this article gave you more clearance about the benefits of Argan oil and suggested some tips of how to not get lost in the big market. I will repeat myself again by saying that the purest Argan oil comes only from the Berber co-operatives, in which women work hard towards the goal of providing an authentic product. After visiting the Argan oil farm myself, I can proudly and surely share my knowledge with you and encourage you to enjoy the authentic creation of human and nature – the ‘Moroccan gold’.

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