Culinary Argan Oil

100 ml. Culinary Argan Oil


100 ml. Culinary argan oil

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Argan oil – both food source and wellbeing support

The authenticity of Argan oil starts in the very beginning of the production process. The endless lines of perennial evergreen Argan trees grow exclusively in the Moroccan semi-fields, where the native Berber women follow the ancient traditions in order to preserve all benefits of the oil. Because the making process is particularly long and physically heavy, the skilled handiwork of these women is an essential part to ensure authenticity in every drop of the oil.

The Berber women start by picking and drying Argan fruits, then manually peel and crack the nuts within to obtain the kernels and finally gently roast before pressing them. Because of the careful and patient process, the extracted oil saves all the necessary nutrients to serve both as a nutritious food source and multifunctional wellbeing support. While the cosmetic Argan oil does not have any particular fragrance, the edible one is produced by a slightly different method by roasting the kernels, which enriches the oil with a beautiful golden colour and nutty aroma and flavour. There is no question why this unique oil has been widely used in Moroccan cuisine from the earliest of days. Today, after being introduced into Western cuisine as a luxury product, it has received recognition from the top gourmets as it continuously travels to more destinations around world.

One tablespoon of Argan oil a day is a great way to support your health!

How to use

So, what are the benefits of Argan oil for our health?
It is no surprise that the wide-ranging ways of using Argan oil remain popular even today – its various benefits to our health were proved by scientific research and studies.

The purest Argan oil is a great source of unsaturated fatty acids (olein, lanolin, bioactive compounds like vitamin E, carotene, sterols and polyphenols), which are vital to ensure a smooth body function as well as energy and vitality maintenance. Moreover, the oil may help to prevent or help alleviate some particular illnesses:

  • Arthritis, joints and chronic inflammation
    The triterpenoids and polyphenols, which are found in the Argan oil help to reduce chronic inflammation and ease the causes of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic joint diseases.
  • Cancer
    The studies have shown a close connection between the Argan oil and cancer cells.
  • Cholesterol, heart and vascular diseases, diabetes.
    Regular usage of oil can help to reduce cholesterol and sugar levels and support blood circulation, which is why it is a great prevention against heart and blood vessel diseases as well as diabetes.
  • Gastric, duodenal ulcer.
    Argan oil stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and also supports digestion and balances gastric acidity.
  • Free radicals
    As a strong antioxidant, vitamin E cleanses the body from free radicals that cause senescence and degenerative processes.

How to use?

The use of natural Argan oil is multifunctional, which is why I hope to encourage you to enrich your meals with the necessary vitamins or simply use the oil alone as a supplement. Since it is a luxury product, I recommend you use the oil unheated and at room temperature.

Simply drizzle it onto your favourite salad, pour into creamy soup, add to a stir-fry or sauce and use it to season fish, pasta and rice dishes. The rich nutty taste of the oil will not only boost your dishes and desserts with nutritional value, but also give you a ticket to the Moroccan flavour experience.

Enjoy 1-2 tablespoons a day for optimal health benefits.


100% pure, cold pressed, lightly toasted, culinary Argan Oil.

Allergen Information
There are no known allergens as it is 100% pure.

Dietary Information
Vegan & Gluten free with no known allergens. Rich in Vitamin E (three times the amount in olive oil) and known to aid indigestion, help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol.