Gift Set – (“Cosmetic + Argan Oil”)


Gift Set – (“Cosmetic + Argan Oil”)

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The beauty lies in simplicity

Argan oil is considered the most valuable and rarely found oil in the world. The natural properties of Argan oil hold a special value because of its history and traditional making methods. In the fierce Moroccan heat, the native Berber women spend long hours each day working hard to produce the purest drops of Argan oil with their bare hands.

While following timeless methods, they ensure that the oil holds a number of vitamins for both beauty and health. In short, a high concentration of vitamin E promotes the recovery of the cells in our body, the unsaturated fatty acids strengthen and protect the tissues, while polyphenols effectively even the skin and squalene builds a protective barrier.

In a single drop of Argan oil you will find all the vital vitamins to nurture your beauty. Because of its naturally rich composition, this oil stands out as a versatile product for all areas of your body. In comparison to all expensive and well-advertised serums and creams, Argan oil wins by its simplicity, high quality and multifunctional use.
You can use it alone or mix into your favourite face and body care products.